Tools and Gadgets: USB Flash Drive

On this post of Tools and Gadgets, I wanted to showcase how a simple USB Flash Drive will help you out tremendously when working at The Home Depot stores. First off for those of you not tech savvy, you might not know what a “Flash Drive” is. It is a compact storage device that you can save various data files such as PDFs, spreadsheets, music, and video. They are typically smaller than a standard car key fob and would be able to connect to the USB port of a computer. When connected to a computer, data files can be copied over to the Flash Drive to be saved. The Flash Drive can then be plugged into any computer to access the same files. So how is this best used inside a store?

The benefit is not plugging it into another computer, but into a printer. When you work the stores day after day, it is likely you use a lot of printed documents such as appointment sheets, tally sheets and appointment reminders. You might keep a large quantity of those documents printed out and stuffed into your binder. Ever notice how those documents look after awhile? They’re wrinkled and stained at the edges. Worse off you’re making copies of copies so your documents gradually look faded and off center. On top of that when you’re overstuffing your binder, the binder itself starts to get wear and tear. Did you ever think that maybe customers don’t trust giving you their personal information because of how disorganized you appear with your documents? If this applies to you, this is how you can correct these mistakes with a Flash Drive. First, navigate to Marketing Supplies in the main menu. Download the files you need to your computer but then transfer them to your Flash Drive. Take the Flash Drive with you to the store. Every store has a copy machine typically located in the back training room or server room. These copy machines have a USB port to plug in your Flash Drive and then you can use the touch screen on the machine to navigate which documents you need and print them off. Only print the quantity that you may need that day so your binder isn’t overstuffed with documents so you look organized. On top of that your documents look good and presentable.

Here is the best choice for a Flash Drive. I would suggest you get one that can latch to your car key ring so you always have it. The one I have is made of metal so it’s very durable compared to others encased in plastic. I’ve owned mine for a number of years now and it still holds up. As far as storage capability, you’re only going to need one that has just a few Gigabytes. Personally mine is 8 Gigabytes which is able to store a large number of documents as well as some audio files. You can now get Flash Drives that store hundreds of Gigabytes but those are more useful for storing a large number of video files and can be a lot higher in price. After checking, I found metal Flash Drives similar to mine with TWICE the storage for not even $6. To sum it up, you’re able to get organized, look professional and cut down on the clutter for a very small investment that you will use every day!


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