The Path To Control

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

10 am Saturday morning. The store is jam packed with people and you just checked in. You’re walking up and down the aisles approaching every customer you possibly can. One customer after the next either doesn’t have the time to talk, isn’t interested, has a new home, among other excuses. You finally get an appointment set but in the back of your mind you’re thinking,

"Am I able to achieve the results I want? Am I really in control?"

Knowing when you’re in control is one of the most important attributes to have when you are working in this profession. However some of us need a path to get there.

The first step in the path to control is when you are unaware that what you are doing is ineffective to achieve results. What does this look like in the way of being a Field Marketing Representative? Well the two main areas of focus on your success in this line of work is how many people you approach and what you say to them (your pitch). You might have every piece of dialogue in your pitch memorized but you do not realize that you are opting to not approach certain people. Or you could be approaching everyone but you don’t know that certain aspects of your pitch are not well rounded or missing entirely, leading you to check out with zero appointments.

Once you check out from your shift one too many times with nothing to show for it, you will do one of the following: Either you will quit, or you will finally reach out to your FMC to get a grasp on where you are falling short. Once you do and finally know where you are in need of improvement, you have now reached the next step in control.

At this step you know what you are doing is not leading you to get results, thus you are able to take action for improvement. You can now take that time to practice and perfect your craft. Once your improvements are recognized and they lead you to positive results, you are now at the next step in the path to control. You are able to use the skills you have learned but only when you apply a level of effort. You could know your pitch, but have to think about what you are saying next.

From here the longer you maintain your competence, your confidence will follow and increase exponentially. Were you ever told,

“Just be more confident.”

Finally, you are now in control. At this final step, you would be able to execute the skills you’ve learned effortlessly without any thought. This can take form in knowing your pitch, using the store to establish rapport with customers, even building connections with store associates that will guide customers your way.

No matter where you are seeking control, this pathway never deviates. One step will always lead to the next. So the next time you might ask yourself whether or not you’re in control, reference this path and see which step you are in so you know how to move forward.

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