My Experience: Analyze, Critique, Correct


I could not tell you how many times I have heard this over the years. I heard it so often that I was anticipating it every time I called an ISP that wasn’t productive during their shift and I simply asked, “How’s everything going?”

Make no mistake, I am not disagreeing that sometimes the store may not have anywhere near the amount of customers it might have on a week day compared to a Saturday afternoon. However we need to move past this generic statement and ask ourselves the right questions to check up on what we can do better and make our money. The following are the questions I would ask any ISP to critique where they are at in their progress. The first question I ask is,

“About how many customers have you approached so far?”

The typical answer I would get over a two hour stretch would be from 25 to 50 customers. If an ISP would say they only approached 10 or less customers within two hours then that would be their first problem to correct. I would focus on how are they working the store floor, are we only approaching certain customers and avoiding others, or does the ISP have a problem with rejection? If the ISP did approach a reasonable number of customers, my follow up question would be the following:

“Out of those customers you approached, how many of them had problems with their kitchen that we could solve with cabinet refacing?”

From here, 99% of the time that ISP would say at the very least one person fits that criteria but most of the time it would be between 5 to 10 customers. Then I would ask, “So why did you not set 5 to 10 appointments so far?”

Now I would hear that one person couldn’t afford to do anything, and another has other projects to do first, a third just doesn’t have the time, and so on. Ultimately, this is where I want to reveal to that ISP that the dead store is a smokescreen! That we spoke to enough customers to find 5 to 10 people that fit the mold of what we have to offer. Only somewhere in the process we dropped the ball and didn’t set them up with an appointment. Now we need to dial in where we slipped up in the process and make the correction. I would narrow down where in the pitch did we lose the opportunity because we either were not on script or we were unsuccessful in overcoming an objection. Once the problem area in question is flushed out we know what to practice and perfect moving forward.

It’s not always easy to self criticize ourselves and refrain from looking for a scapegoat to blame on our setbacks. However if we ask the right questions and don’t give up, success becomes inevitable.

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